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Subject: Trumped again
Newsgroup: humanities.classics
Date: 01/06/2018
Time: 15:45:27
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  Donald Trump's argument to substantiate why he's not an idiot is very,
very powerful; how else could he have got through university, become a
millionaire in the business world, risen to such a TV star height, and
then become president?
That's not an argument about formal reasoning, not about the envelope
that contains reasoning; it's about the way the world works.
To counter that you'd have to engage polemically with the way USA
institutions work; and not just one, but the academic world, the
business world, the TV world and the political institutions.

You could, of course, get away from the world, like the early Christian
anchorites; live in a hole in some desert, or atop a purpose-built
column in some Asian dry place.
Or you could become embittered, and rail against the world, and enclose
the remnants of your humanity in a barred box somewhere.

Or, and this is my chosen pathway, go out and fight.







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